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America's Cancered Society

I just heard an insightful quote while an individual was commenting on the Covington High School fiasco...

"Tell me how you voted, and I'll already know what you saw in those videos."

The following article is the result of a smaller post I had written commenting on the above. The more I thought about what I had said, I realized I could do a much better job developing and communicating the thoughts I was having.

Here we go.

I submit that the maliciousness toward those students, and many other cultural carcinogens of which we are daily inundated with, are the result of a society aggressively feasting with an insatiable appetite; exploring the limits of behavior licensed by relativism and rejection of unbiased truth.

The idea that truth is “fluid”, and resistance to the belief there are conclusive definitions of right and wrong, is a primary engine driving the most extreme behaviors in our culture, And at the same time indulging in the farthest reaches of human behavior and depravity, claiming that those who do hold to the conviction of moral absolutes are perpetrators of some sort of phobia or oppression; especially if said standards are Scripturally based.

We find in this deception a womb and birthplace within our society for some of the most egregious behaviors imposed upon our citizenry. In particular, a specific section of our population:


And we have to have had enough.

I have. And we need to talk about this.

Without shame, self-appointed social engineers are continually demonstrating they have no regard for penetrating our children's minds and morals with their far out ideas. I find this appalling! Our children are not lab rats to inculcate with the latest extreme social extravaganzas based on a system of morality, or lack of, that wants to change with every wind of new ideas.

The recent event at the Right to Life March and the students from Covington High School is a blatant example of this.

As a sidebar concerning the event:

Multiple major news media outlets should be ashamed. And called out forcefully and relentlessly. The falsehoods contended concerning the Covington students are not the only lies purported. Concerning the march itself, with conscious deception, it was reported that only a few thousand attended the event. Willfully not reporting that the total March had hundreds of thousands of participants! The blatant and cognizant lying to protect political agendas is disgusting.

So, to the issue at hand.

How is it OK that a grown sixty something year old adult can barge uninvited into the midst of a group of high schoolers?

High Schoolers. Hhhhmmmm. Wait a minute…

That means they are minors!

This man relentlessly pounds his drum in the face of children, relatively speaking, to harass and intimidate them. Then he apparently coincides with the false narrative that these teenagers were the villains and lies about himself being the victim. In addition, the heavily edited video is circulated throughout the media making these kids look like criminals!

Note: Nathan Phillips. You can brag that you were in the Marines if you want. I know Marines sir. And not a one of them would be so lacking in “code” to peacock like this in front of some high school kids. Especially if said Marine had been AWOL multiple times and falsely gave the impression he was a Vietnam veteran. There is not much to brag about here and it is clear, you were not an outstanding demonstration of semper fi!

These children were used…violated…to lie to our nation for the purpose of invoking outrage and political propaganda.

And Furthermore…

There is another area where abandonment of limits and definitions of right and wrong is in full tilt with no indication of any slowing down. It is the growing and widely celebrated national

nonsense known as “Drag Queen Story Hour”. Actually, “nonsense” is the wrong word in that it is not descriptive enough. “Socially accepted child abuse...even potential imposed voyeurism" is a more accurate description.

After reading multiple advertisements for these events taking place around our country, Canada as well, I’ll sum up what they are heralding:

"OK Mom’s and Dad’s! Let's have Little Johnny and Suzie come and watch while we parade before all of you a gender confusing individual and turn it into play time! We will associate what would normally make us uncomfortable, even vexed, with balloons and candy and dancing. We will uproot any idea that there are foundations of truth and replace it with “fluidity”. Thereby impressing upon the child that there are no absolutes, rules, or even guidelines…even in your genetic makeup!!! Weeeeeeee…isn’t this fun!!"

There is one illustration I can give that perfectly captures the mindless cooperation with that which would have had us reeling in unbelief just 20 years ago.

I submit that in the same way the long line of children in Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall” video, mindlessly fall off into the meat grinder, these same "parents" are in zombie-esque formation, doing the same themselves. And taking their children with them.

The following statistic proves the indoctrination is working.

“Barna Group sheds new light on striking social and demographic trends: Teenagers in Gen Z are at least twice as likely as American adults to identify as LGBT or as atheist.” Christianity Today

It’s not rocket science to figure out how this is happening. Keep slamming this stuff down our throats and in the heads of our children, and of course this is the result. At the same time, proactively assault and insult the “competition”; conservatively biased Americans, and especially the Christian faith.