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I Can See!

“…the eyes of your heart (spirit man) being enlightened…” Ephesians 1:18

I just had one of those amazing epiphany moments this morning, appreciating afresh how brilliant our God is. Actually, the word “amazing” is as lacking in the ability to define these types of experiences, as “wet” is lacking the ability to describe sitting at the bottom of the ocean floor!

The following thought I had in prayer today resulted in another "I get it now!" moment. I love those by the way...when in an instant, enigmas you may have had for years are answered and you walk away saying "I knew there had to be a legitimate reason for that!" Everything God does has an end game. No random. And I know you will get as blessed as I am as we have our following discussion. All of us will relate to this...guaranteed!

Is There Anybody Out There?

Most of us know it can be so frustrating at times…ahh let’s be honest…much of the time… trying to develop a relationship with Someone you can’t see or feel. We wonder if anything is really happening while we are talking, praying, pleading…or all the above! It’s easy at times to be convinced that we’re just speaking into thin air. We’re not by the way, but it sure can seem that way!

Yet in the genius of God, those times of seemingly nothing being accomplished is exactly as it should be; and the brilliance of why this is becomes more wondrous as you consider it!

Let's start by considering this. Doesn’t the very act itself of just taking a chance in a God you cannot see, show there is at least an ember of faith in His reality? Would this not be evidence to both yourself AND God, that somewhere in your heart you know "something more" is out there. Or at least the odds are enough…ok…maybe the pressure too…to gamble on His reality?

Well here’s the key.

I can tell you why this is and how it is just as it should be. Having "dark night of the soul" experiences or seasons isn’t a random test of your faith. As a result of our spiritual inheritance from Adam and Eve, there are by necessity means we must go through, including these horrendous times of uncertainty. I am about to argue that what you are tempted to think may be a waste of time as you seemingly seek God to no avail, is actually the very process by necessity you are going to work through to encounter God with eternal experience and impressions.

The good news is:


Wax On...Wax Off

Does the phrase “Wax on…wax off, Daniel-son” from the movie "The Karate Kid" mean anything to you?

Mr. Miyagi continually had Daniel doing what appeared to be meaningless projects around his house. From waxing his car to sanding wood to painting fences. He had him doing the same motions over and over. Mr. Miyagi was getting a new car and a new house...Daniel was getting both sore and majorly frustrated!

Then Daniel had his epiphany!

Mr. Miyagi graphically demonstrated that every one of those seemingly worthless and monotonous motions was building form and muscle that in actuality was the very karate Daniel was desiring to learn! What appeared to be useless activity, was building the very things he needed to be an expert in the martial arts! He was temporarily blind to "martial art realities" until the situation arose when there was a demand placed upon him. At that very moment it became clear that there was always a plan and purpose...though temporarily hidden...and that skills he couldn't imagine at the time had powerfully been formed within him!

In the same way, God is Mr. Miyagi…we are Daniel LaRusso. And there is always a lesson behind the lesson. Though you may not understand what God is ARE learning spiritual realities and developing spiritual skills that eventually you will reap marvelously from.

In other words:

The aptitude you are developing as you seek Him Whom at first glance there may appear to be no evidence that He is even there; will produce the very skills that will cause said blindness to progressively give way to sight. He knows that if you continue seeking Him in faith; faith will act as “sandpaper” that removes that which caused you not to see or feel in the first place.

Take this one to the proverbial bank:

Eventually you are going to begin to "see" with your spirit man as clearly as you do your natural eyes. In the same way it is impossible not to get bigger and stronger when you exercise…it is impossible for you not to develop the "eyes of your heart" as you begin even the most meager steps in faith. We have always had these “eyes” available. In the same way we always have potential within the muscle to strengthen and grow it through the right stimulus, He has perfectly designed that which will cause light to dawn in our souls and produce a “sight” that is infinitely more sharp than your natural eyes.

“Perception is genuine sight.”

I’ll illustrate.

When I am flying corporate jets even in the worse conditions…to the untrained eye…all that is seen on the instrument panel are pretty colors and gauges and numbers. Outside the airplane, to this untrained bystander, is a wind and turbulence shaking...rain pounding...scary world.

Yet to me…because I have “eyes to see” what is going on…those images and numbers tell me exactly what is going on around me and is as much “sight” as if I was looking out the window and through the clouds and rain and snow. Turbulence…lightening…the owners grandchildren that are freaking out…have no negative influence on me because I understand their "reality" is limited by a lack of not being able to “see” as I can.

In actuality, it is to their life saving benefit that I ignore them!

The fact that I can and have navigated safely through the most inclement weather for decades now…proves beyond a doubt that there is a real “invisible to the naked eye” world being evidenced by those instruments, and there are those…me included…that have no problem at all seeing what others cannot. Obviously, if that were not the case…me and my passengers, and thousands of others flying every day, would be dead long ago. There are verifiable proofs that I have this “sight” available and can operate within it at any time. And just because someone else cannot see and perceive these things, that does not mean at all their ignorance is factual reality.

I do not need to use my physical eyes to see outside that airplane because I have another pair of “eyes” that in that situation actually see much more clear than my natural ones!

"For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the LORD will arise upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you." Isaiah 60:2 (underscore mine)

And this exact same principle of seeing and perceiving what others cannot, applies when dealing in the realm of the spirit. As the "light of the world" and the "salt of the earth", our generation is desperate for those with "sight" that can lead and guide through these perilous times!

You Think You’re So Smart

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