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My God's Bigger Than Your God!

"Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead..." I Timothy 2:8

I was minding my own business last night, just me and the Lord. I wasn't reading to study...just quiet time before getting ready for bed. And then...out of nowhere...this statement pounced upon me faster than my dog Jetta when I come home from a trip!

How amazing is this one statement and its implications! In a heartbeat...the ramifications of this verse hit hard.

So let's have a quick discussion of what went through my mind. I know it will help you. Certainly did me!

May I suggest we take the time to consider how many times in prayer and believing God...or maybe arguments with others or even our own personal doubts...that when we prayed to or maybe argued over "Jesus"...we have not heeded Paul's advice to Timothy...

"Remember Jesus...RISEN FROM THE DEAD."

When we forget the "risen from the dead" part...oh my how many problems that causes...or on the other side of the many enigmas we won't find a solution to!


-Without the resurrection, the Christian faith is "null and void". A waste of good discussion time and those who believe the whole salvation nonsense should be pitied for believing such foolishness. Well, one of the greatest defenders of the faith, the Apostle Paul, actually conceded this very thing. (I Corinthians 15)

-Without the resurrection, Jesus was at best a great guy who had some cool things to say...who obviously figured out how mass hypnosis works so that even thousands at a time actually believed he could heal their maladies...but who unfortunately had a tragic ending to his life. The stars didn't align. Sucks for him.

Soooooooooooo many have tried to argue "Christianity" and its moral codes as a "religion" that is if not superior to all, it is certainly worth considering with others...because...well....aahhh...the Bible said so, that's why!


Let me submit that basically...the whole thing hinges on one thing.

Fundamentally, it's about a brutally murdered Messiah which was witnessed by religionists and pagans and atheists alike...a lot of them by the way...and inspected by those who were experts at murder and death. He was declared dead.

They knew "dead".

Jesus was dead.

Yet God favored Him so much (love fuels and instigates and impels this God so much it's ridiculous) that after three days He shoved His hand down into the depths of the earth by the Holy Spirit...and yanked Jesus right out of there and placed Him firmly at His/God's right hand!

And didn't blink an eye when He made clear:

"And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name(Jesus) under heaven given among men by which we must be saved" Acts 4:12 wanna compete and compare your beliefs with Christ?

Your "god" better show up resurrected from the dead to even be able to sit at the table and argue his/it's power and authority to demand worship!

Oh...guns and knives and bombs don't count. Jesus didn't need them. His power to heal and deliver and minister astounding, relentless miracles needed only faith and a heart of compassion and the obvious endorsement by God to validate with power Jesus' statements and wishes. No outside help!

It's easy to say your god is with you while pointing a gun in someones face!

Jesus' resurrection is checkmate! Period! End of discussion.

note: for all the PC police out there that want to scream "I'll bet he is talking about Islam!" India the Hindus violently persecute and murder in religious opposition to Christianity. I personally know victims of this. Remember well that the communist governments who say their is no god are responsible for hundreds of millions of murders too! Socialism resulting in communism and their murdering machines to implement worship of the state make some religions persecutors look like pikers next to them.

My Christian can be and should be gracious to those of other persuasions...but don't be deceived or intimidated by them either.

When you are sharing the gospel with others, consider that once you start with the resurrection instead of arguing "teachings" gets much simpler. Remember this...that the resurrection is not a teaching of the Church. It is historical FACT witnessed by even large crowds at a time...friend and foes alike!

Consider well:


" whom/Jesus are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." Colossians 2:3

God clearly has answered all primary questions concerning life and death through Jesus. He wanted us to know that whole "God's ways are mysterious" thing, is ridiculous. That He creates to be known and searched out and discovered to the joy of both you and Him! He wanted us to know that He is a great Rewarder to those who will diligently take on the journey!

He has made it so simple: The sum of all religious quests and studies begins and ends with Jesus.

The resurrection proves He is right!

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