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Election Hangover

Here is an article I wrote on my Facebook account recently. Frankly, I was getting disgusted how "over the top" the doomsday proclamations being made by many folks were. Most of these declarations are baseless and full of uncontrolled emotion.

I wrote this in response to maybe bring some sobriety and even keel thinking concerning what is going on.


Since the election, I am amazed at how those who did not vote for Trump, are spouting apocalyptic declarations and condemnations of how he will "ruin the world" or how "absolutely scared they are"..."America has now licensed bigotry and hate"...and so on and so on.

Just one example...these are the same ones who on the night of the elections were posting how the stock market...which at one time showed futures down like 800 points...were claiming "See...this is what we have to look forward to...everything's going to crash....look what he's done"...and then what happened? Within a few days we break all time market highs!

Not one time have a single one of these people (that I am aware of) come back and said " that one wrong...I probably reacted a little quick." Instead it's..."Nope...lets just go on to the next favorite post or news report that gives me something else to throw up concerning him."

Here's some advise to all you who think that you either are going out to buy a gun for the first time because you're now so afraid of what Trump will do...or maybe would like to be at Yale or Cornell to grab a "blankie" and some crayons...miss your tests...and be consoled because the stress of the election of Donald Trump is too much...

A: Grow up!

B: Trump hasn't caused a single riot or painted a single swastika.

Hateful, stupid, reactionary, people cause violent and destructive riots! I haven't seen Mr. Trump one time put a gun to these people's heads and say riot or I'll shoot you! (I will mention though that it is proven that the democratic party which includes Hillary are directly responsible for doing just that. Paying agitators to riot and actually cause violence.)

These very same people are claiming Trump will destroy our country while they...LITERALLY DESTROY OUR COUNTRY TO THE TUNE OF MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF DAMAGE!

C: Consider this: If I decided I was going to watch the Exorcist and Friday the 13th and Hostel and Nightmare on Elm Street over and over and over and over...I'd start getting pretty scared too! I would begin hearing every sound and settling in the house and every shadow cast and my mind would be going nuts over wondering what "evil lurks"'re doing the same thing filling your mind with ONLY the news and agencies that are declaring how devastating our new President will be to the country. You see every news report now as proof (to you anyway) that ..."See look...there's that hater...there's that racist...we're doomed!" These news reports and posts are the very same as the creeks in the house and the shadows casted...your paranoia resulting from nonstop filling your head with doomsday prognosis's is causing you to see things that are not there or are at best are blown out of proportion!

Here's some advice from the Scriptures:

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things." Philippians 4:8

The principle is simple. Focus on positive things...worthwhile this case the positives of our nation and the blessings of its system...the opportunities we now have to give changing course a chance that just may fix some of the ailments of our nation. And try considering: "Hey...maybe the country that voted this guy in, full of people just as smart and intelligent as I...must be seeing things I am not...let me take a relook at this..."

Do this...and you just might stop hearing all those "creeks" in your house or paranoia a mugger is behind every corner...that every word out of a midget dictator in North Korea is proof Donald will start a nuclear war or if there is a selloff on Wall Street the ice age of economics is going to hit because of Trump...

And... will most likely want to put away your gun for a cup of chamomile tea or glass of wine...kick back with friends...and enjoy the blessings of this life and this wonderful nation that has weathered every storm and political environment up till now...

Now off to enjoy a marvelous ocean side breakfast and worship my God knowing He is watching and things are going to be great.

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