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Senior Pastor Joe Johnsick

Senior Pastor Joe Johnsick and First Lady Robyn Johnsick



Pastor Joe and Mrs. Robyn Johnsick would like to thank you for honoring Goffstown Harvest Christian Church with your visit. We are convinced of two things: that you’ll be blessed and that the Lord has great things in store for you! After almost 30 years of ministry, they have figured a few things out and understand how to pastor, coach, and mentor you to walk in God's very best!


Here's their short story:


In 1991, after fulfilling an enlistment in the US Air Force and subsequently graduating from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Pastor Joe and Robyn returned to southern New Hampshire with the desire to follow God’s call on their lives to minister and demonstrate the great news of our salvation through Jesus Christ. Pastor Joe, or “PJ” as he is affectionally called, initially served as assistant and youth pastor at Household of Faith Christian Church in Amherst, New Hampshire. 


In March of 1996, Pastor Joe felt called to start Goffstown Harvest Christian Church. During the course of his ministry, Pastor has also been honored to serve and minister in over nine nations, in front of  hundreds of thousands of people. He has seen and experienced the potential for city-wide and national impact of the gospel through the demonstrated miraculous and verifiable powers of heaven in Jesus’ name. Pastor is convinced that these marvelous things can happen anywhere, including New England, which has been referred to as the "graveyard of pastors."

While serving as the Senior Pastor of GHCC, Pastor Joe earned his pilot licenses, including all flight instructor ratings and Airline Transport Pilot rating. He developed multiple aviation business ventures to help support the ministry and increase his influence in both the church and secular worlds. In 2002, at the Lord’s direction, Pastor Joe started Harvest Aviation Services LLC. It quickly expanded into a successful flight school, charter service, and a premier crewing provider for Lear 30 series business jets.


Since selling his share of the company, Pastor Joe has since been additionally "typed" and still serves as a captain on privately owned and operated Dassault Falcon 50 and Bombardier Challenger 605 business jets. (Pastor has the pictures of those aircraft shown to demonstrate how awesome our Lord is; and for our fellow aviation enthusiasts to have some fun!).


Aviation remains an integral part of this ministry. His business involvement, as well as his passion to see all of us experience the blessings that God has demonstrated are ours, has instigated this church to lead in multiple arenas. Pastor is aware that as children of God, we all carry greatness inside of us. 


GHCC has been built and designed to minister to this incredible potential.

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