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About us

"The Kingdom of Heaven did not come to cohabitate with the kindgom of darkness...but to dispel it."

- Pastor Joseph Johnsick

About GHCC

Founded in 1996 by Pastor Joe & Robyn Johnsick.  GHCC is a Spirit-filled non-denominational church that serves Goffstown and the surrounding areas.  GHCC exists for one reason and that can be summed up by the church vision statement:


through His people

heaven on earth


In short, God uses us, his people, to restore His creation by bringing peace, healing, and hope to those around us.  Sharing the message of Christ to people in lost and hurting world and finding ways to help meet their needs.

Normal services and prayer meetings, and corresponding times, are listed below:

Sunday 9:15-9:45am:  Meet & Greet

Sunday 10am: Sunday Morning Service

If we here at GHCC can minister to you in any way, or you are simply looking for more information about our church or the various ministries and outreaches we offer; please feel free to reach out to us either by phone or email, or stop by our facility during normal business hours Tuesday - Friday.  You can also contact us through our Facebook or YouTube pages.

Be blessed, and please let us know how we can minister God's word into your life!


542 Mast Rd. Ste. 9

Goffstown, NH 03045

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